Patrick J Malone is a published professional photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina. He shoots freelance for several newspapers and news organizations across the state. His pageant photography has been recognized internationally and his work has been featured on websites throught the world.

Goose Creek, Summerville, Mount Pleasant, Walterboro and other lowcountry locales are when he focuses  the majority of his atttention but he has photographed all across the state, several places aound the country and abroad..

He has loved photography since being chosen to be one of the two photographers for his High School yearbook in 1978.

After high school he focused his attention on musical endeavors but always had a longing to return to his photographic roots.

Not until the introduction of digital cameras did he pick up a camera again. Frustration with the digital point & shoot camera's limitations drove him to purchase his first digital SLR shortly thereafter. Realizing that he was sorely lacking in knowledge about the more technical aspects of photography lead him to pursue an internship where he could learn from a professional photographer.


"When the student is ready, the master will appear."

                                                                                      Anthony Hopkins as Zorro


For Patrick, the master who appeared was  Master Photographer E.G. "Ed" Coyle.

Patrick was a student, intern, painter, handy man and hired muscle for Ed for 3 years as Ed photographed weddings. Patrick was also involved in other photographic projects at Ed Coyle's Charleston studio as he studied under Ed's watchful and critical eye. Ed's skillful instruction and input continues to this day as Patrick continues in his neverending pursuit of creative excellence.


Patrick's  greatest photographic passion is concert photography but he is also passionate about working with local models, assisting them in developing and adding to their professional portfolios. His passion for photography as a creative outlet has let him to

have a diverse professional portfolio.